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St. Wilfred's Group of Colleges
Emphasis on 3 Es - Efficiency, Excellence & Effectiveness
"Where the Mind is without Fear ! Where the Head is Held High !!"
Imbibe the Brain with highest thoughts, ideals, put them days & nights before you and out of that will emanate great worth & this is a way by which intellectual giants are produced.
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The College Library functions as the General Library and Departmental Libraries. The General Library block has three floors. Ground floor is the OERC (Online Education Research Centre). First floor is the Stack Room and Computer Area. Second floor is the Reading Room and EDUSAT Centre. The College Library has a good collection of about 148000 books. The General Library subscribes 40 Periodicals and 11 Newspapers. The Library has a special collection of books for NET Exams on all subjects.

The students have a free access to a wide variety of study material, encyclopedias and DELNET. Besides this, the library subscribes to a number of national and international journals and Hindi and English dailies. Special efforts are made to inculcate good reading habits in the students.

The Library provides:

  • INTERNET browsing facility for Staff and Students
  • The  collection of World e Book Library (Academic & Research Database of e-books available within the Library).
  • Previous University question papers for reference
  • The College Library consists of the General and Departmental Libraries.
  • More than 11 News Papers and 40 Periodicals are available in the Reading Room.

The college library is well stacked and provides an excellent study base for the students and the teachers alike.


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