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Blood Donation Camp (NSS)

On the occasion of National Service Scheme (NSS) Day, St. Wilfred PG College and NSS located at Mansarovar the Voluntary Blood Donation Camp was organized under the joint aegis of the Unit First and Second and Red Ribbon Club.

St. Wilfred Education Society Honorable Dr. Keshav Badaya and Principal of College Dr. Anupama Parashar started the program by lighting the island in front of Maa Saraswati.

Wilfredians encouraged blood donors by raising slogans such as “Blood donation can be saved die someone by Come on.” A total of 102 units of blood was collected in the camp. hospital will be handed over to the blood bank of Mansarovar so that the needy can get blood on time.

Addressing the students, Principal Dr. Anupama Parashar said that donating blood does not mean donating blood only, but you actually get the happiness that a person cannot live life by donating to a needy person. That is why we all should donate blood regularly.

Honorable Secretary of St. Wilfred Education Society Dr. Keshav Badaya congratulated all the volunteers for their participation in the purpose of nation building, and told that people should change the perception that donating blood causes blood loss or weakness in the body because the action of new blood in human body It goes on continuously, under which the old blood changes in the same way. No other service can be greater than blood donation.

NSS Coordinator Dr. Sudhir Verma and Ms. Monika Sharma said that this blood donation camp was organized from 9 am to 3 pm in which all the students of the college queued and donated blood with service and enthusiasm. NSS participated extensively and played its part in the purpose of nation building and filled the pledge of blood donation.

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