St. Wilfreds Group of Colleges


Jaipur : 09314080436
Ajmer : 09214210692
Mumbai : 08976111122


Sector-10, Meera Marg, Madhyam Marg, Mansarovar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302020



The teaching methodology at St. Wilfred 2019 College incorporates various activities outside the classroom to  instill professional and inter personal skills among students to face the competitive world, some of these activities include educational trips, industrial visits, N.S.S.,Guest Lecturers, Seminars & Workshops.

Living off minimal resources

If anything, college life surely teaches students to live off minimal resources. It is highly unlikely that you will find yourself a private accommodation whether it be college hostel or some PG. Sharing is the very basis of college life. Moreover, with all the expenses that come with being a college student, money left to spend on luxuries and entertainment is very less.

Exposure to the outside world

One of the biggest learning’s of the college life beyond its classroom is in the exposure it provides you. Your college campus is like the mini version of the outside world. People from varied background, different personalities, different thought process and cultures.

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